If you live in our around Arlington, Massachusetts you will soon be able to buy the best* Chicken Pot Pies you have ever tasted!

We are just getting started launching Dave's Pot Pies. Our pies will first be available this summer (2023) at one or two local farmers markets. Once we begin selling pies, this page will show the name, location, and time of the markets where you can find us. This will get us started and help smooth out everything involved in the making and selling of our pies. Then we will increase the number of pot pies we make and expand the days and markets where we are selling. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a good pot pie but we feel all the hard-work is worth it. Since we will be making all our pies by hand, we can be confident every pot pie we sell is of the highest quality and tastes great!

Our pot pies will be sold in two sizes. A six inch pie, for one or two people, and a ten inch pie that yields six servings. Dave's Pot Pies are sold frozen and meant to be cooked at home. This means that before you serve your family and friends hot-from-the-oven pot pie, your kitchen will be filled with the mouthwatering aroma of it baking.

All our pies are made under the direction of Dave's brother, chef Paul. He is the one shown below at the entrance to Paul's Pot Pies. Paul has been selling his locally famous pot pies from his Marietta, Georgia shop for over 35 years.

Chef Paul in front of his shop

*We believe Dave's Pot Pies are the best tasting savory pies you will ever eat. This is, at least, what Paul's customers in Georgia tell him! If you were fortunate enough to have had someone in your past, say a mother or grandmother, that made homemade chicken pot pie it is possible our pies will not be the best ever. Dave's Pot Pies will still be a real treat. The aroma of our chicken pot pie cooking in your oven followed by the great flavors your palate will experience could bring back memories of long ago family meals of your childhood. Then our second best pies could become the best in another way - the most enjoyable comfort food you will ever find.